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SWEN is NEWS spelled backwards. India’s first app that is not just about News. It offers great content, in your language, across categories for you to choose from.
SWEN is built for your reading pleasure, whenever and wherever you like, completely at your leisure.
SWEN offers you
Stay updated with not just the latest news, but great topics of interest trending across the world and in India, in Hindi and in English. This week, read all about the flood issue in Gurgaon and other parts of India, about India's brilliant performance in West Indies, about the Bulandshahr rape incident and Anandiben Patel's resignation as CM of Gujarat, about Tesla's merger with Solar City, about Freedom 251's deliveries and upcoming Android Nougat update. Everything that is trending is here for you to read and stay updated with.
1. Content in your language 2. Content broken down by categories & preferences 3. India specific content 4. Some of the finest, undiscovered blogs & publishers 5. Offline reading even without internet 6. Alerts when a new publisher is added 7. Alerts for your favourite topics 8. Alerts only in your language 9. Details of your reading habits 10. Options to save favourite publishers for faster reading later 11. No alerts at night if you like
Content Categories
1. Astrology 2. Automobiles 3. Health 4. Technology 5. Wellness 6. Relationships 7. For adults 8. Food and recipes 9. Entertainment 10. Bollywood 11. Sports 12. Women 13. Lifestyle and many more topics

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Because SWEN believes in “Read what YOU like”.